Your STO in investor’s hands right away!

Direct promotion at global conferences
Instant access to a network of investors and thought leaders for any startup on any STO stage

Flyerdrop brings your STO to the global blockchain community. We do the international travel and pitching for you.

We bring your project to investors — and we bring investors to your project.

  • List

    We list and advertise your project on the DigiMax platform. We feature it in our “What’s New” section for 30 days.

  • Release

    We publish a press release about your project globally to 15 crypto media.

  • Promote

    We distribute flyers with your offer to investors at global blockchain conferences for 30 days. We send a weekly information blast to 100,000 followers for 4 weeks.

  • Connect

    We get you contacts and representation at multiple conferences across the globe with over 100,000 followers.

  • Spread

    We expand your information to our global network of more than 1 million partners and advisors.

How it works

If you are a regulatory-compliant startup, Flyerdrop can put your STO token information right in the hands of investors at the largest blockchain conferences.


    Register and list your project on DigiMax to be shown to prospective investors, followers, and traders.

    List now

    We do everything: design and print flyers, contact conference organizers, arrange giveaways, and promote awareness. We put high-quality flyers in the hands of potential investors with your logo, your project description and tagline, and your promo tokens.

  • They SCAN

    Investors just need to download the DigiMax mobile app and use it to scan QR codes from the flyer. The DigiMax app is extremely easy to use: point, click, read.

  • They GET your PROMOTION

    Investors see your project presentation instantly in the mobile app and can invest in your STO.

  • Publicity

    We publish a press release globally to 15 crypto media. You get backlinks from Forbes, the WSJ, and other thought-leading publications.

  • Access

    We connect you to our global network of partners and advisors, including a social network with more than 1 million followers.

  • Promotion

    We send out a weekly information blast to 100,000 subscribers for 4 weeks.


Roadshow program



    We design it. You approve it. We print it. We distribute your flyer at multiple global conferences for 30 days.



    Prospective investors and traders can use any mobile device to scan your code with our app and see your offer on the spot.



    Users access your company and STO real-time information instantly on the DigiMax platform and app. We feature your STO in our website’s “What’s New” section for 30 days.

Advertising program

We craft a press release and issue it to:

  • Press

    All major crypto publications plus other key media

  • News

    An e-news readership of over 100,000 subscribers

  • Social

    A global social network of more than 1 million advisors

  • 1 month

    US$ 10,000

  • 6 month

    US$ 50,000

Issue Press Release and send to:
  • All major crypto publications
  • DigiMax Database of over 100,000 followers
  • Distribute Flyers at Blockchain conferences
  • Special Feature in “What’s New” section of Website for 30 days
  • Weekly information blast to 100,000 followers for 4 weeks
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